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With more than 20 years of expertise, we offer a wide range of services for refuelling equipment. Our customers’ performance is our priority.

Our delivery:

  • Maintenance and repair
  • Legal metrology
  • Audit and expertise
  • Renting
  • Renovation and innovation integration
  • Training and support

Our activities

Maintenance & Repair


In both France and abroad, REDS operates on civil and military airports to do preventive or corrective maintenance on stationary and mobile refuelling equipment of all brands. Our job is to ensure the operational condition and the regulatory conformity of your equipment.

Each operation is followed by a report from our technicians. These reports can be used in audits and can help to orientate your maintenance draft budget

Expertise / Audit



REDS  commissions all TITAN AVIATION, stationary or mobile, in France or abroad, refuelling equipment. It includes the equipment preparation for their mission as well as the initial training of the teams and intervenors. These sessions facilitate the handling of the new equipment and accelerate teams’ operational readiness.
REDS  leads operating equipment audits and reports necessary to renovation programs and conformity operations.
For example, in Africa, REDS  operates on site vehicle fleet expertises and offers repair and improvement solutions to ensure vehicles longevity and missions safety.
Thanks to their advanced regulatory and operational knowledge, our technicians also assist customers during oil and airlines audits.



On demand, we offer to rent aircraft refuelling equipment for middle or long-term contracts to ensure the continuity of your operations and absorb the irregular increases of activity.

Refurbishment & integration of innovations



REDS  offers to ensure the compliance and the improvement of refuelling equipment.

From refurbishment to total reconstruction, we provide a second life to your equipment upgrading them to your requirements and to current regulations. Also, we can provide the integration of our new technologies, offering more ecological and economical options, after a feasibility study of the project. According to the amount of work to realize, we can operate in our premises or directly at your depot in France of abroad, supervising or collaborating with your local technical teams.

Trainings & support


We provide training modules (standards and customized) for all your operating staff from the refuelling operator to the site manager. Dispensed in our premises or on site, we share our experience and our best practices for an optimal use of your equipment; safety and mastery of your working environment being at the heart of our concern. With test-in and test-out, academical instructions and practical exercises, our trainings cover all the aspects of the operation of your material from their commissioning, their controls, their operational maintenance and their repairs.