-- ABOUT US --

Welcome to REDS, your global partner for the operational maintenance of your refueling equipment fleet.

We leverage the expertise gained within Titan Aero Group over over half a century in design, manufacturing, and quality in France's commercial and military refueling sectors and internationally.

Our teams intervene in all types of refueling equipment: Refuelers, Oil Servers, and Carts, in the Commercial, Business, or Military Aviation sectors in France and internationally.


-- OUR TEAM --


Maintenance of Refueling Equipment :

Complete lifecycle management of your fleet in France and internationally.Preventive and corrective maintenance, audits, and renovations.



Supply of Components and Spare Parts:

One-stop shop concepts for all types of refueling equipment.

Dedicated experts for individualized advice.




Logistics Solutions :

Rapid and reliable delivery of parts on-site worldwide.



Fleet Management:

 Accompagnement sur mesure dans la gestion de votre flotte pour garantir une continuité opérationnelle et réduire le temps d’immobilisation.







Excellence and Safety

Customer Service

Team Spirit

Excellence and Safety: Certified MASE, ISO 9001, and 14001, we integrate rigorous safety, health, environmental, and quality procedures into all our solutions. Additionally, we ensure your equipment complies with industry standards (JIG, EI, EN).

Priority to customer satisfaction with a responsive and attentive team.


Collaboration and collective commitment to achieving your goals.





-- OUR TEAM --

Sales representatives

Expert technicians


To understand your needs and ensure responsiveness and transparency in what you purchase.

To take care of your vehicles.

To identify, source, troubleshoot, renovate, and audit as needed.



One-stop shop

Efficiency and Responsiveness

Global Support

 A single point of contact for all your refueling and component management needs.

Fast and reliable services tailored to your constraints.

Intervention on 4 continents with personalized service.