REDS is your partner for the maintenance, repair and operations of your refuelling equipment, in France and worldwide.

From their commissioning to their removal, through their maintenance and renovation, we offer a wide range of services to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and the availability of your fleet, for all brands of equipment.

Our services


  • Planning of preventive and regulatory maintenance
  • On-site interventions
  • Edition of regulatory control reports
  • On-site curative maintenane by qualified technicians (on quotation)
  • Quick availability and reduced downtime


  • Assistance by phone and/or video using ATEX connected glasses
  • Remote troubleshooting (video/phone and ticketing) for site managers and their teams
  • Computerized follow-up of events
  • Availability on working days (extended hours in option)
  • Management of component replacement (filter cartridges, distribution hoses, elastic sleeves, etc)
  • Planning of associated interventions (supply, delivery, assembly...)
  • Maintenance of the hydraulic oil system
  • Oil and wearing parts replacement
  • Filter cleaning
  • Test and gauge management
  • Preparation of vehicles
  • Execution of tank tests and gauges with associated documentation


  • Planning of preventive maintenance
  • On-site intervention by our technicians
  • Replacement of small defective elements
  • Edition of the regulatory control reports (checking of the gearbox and axle levels, oil change and filter replacement)
  • Planning of preventive maintenance
  • On-site intervention by our technicians on the powertrain and batteries (checking the motor, the drive, the charging device, the steering and braking assistants, the cooling system, the powerbox and the wiring harnessess
  • Secure digital customer account
  • Access to the technical data of the vehiclles (plans, rapports) and to the planning of interventions


  • Management of relationships with manufacturers and chassis maintenance networs of all brands
  • Management of work requests (quotes, orders, planning)
  • Coordination and control of the proper execution of maintenance work
  • Maintenance of your fleet in conformity (technical and administrative)
  • Technical advice for maintenance optimization
  • Operational reporting on the situation of your fleet
  • Financial reporting on a secure customer area


The life cycle of your vehicles and equipment requires special attention and good maintenance will ensure an optimal service rate, recognized by your customers. All these services will be carried out on personalized quote.

Renovation on site or in workshop

Renovation allows you to give a second life to your refuelling equipment and to extend their operational life, by integrating the latest innovations (carbon footprint, ergonomics...).

Beyond a compliance, REDS accompanies you in your electrification projects by relying on a design office and on the workshops of the POURPRIX GROUP.

Equipment or fleet expertise

We offer to carry out an assessment of your fleet in order to provide you with the best advice for maintaining the availability of your fleet. Carried out by our team with many years of experience, our assessments are designed yo establish a list of corrections and recommend potential improvements.

Compliance audit

Independent and objective, we can carry out audits to verify the compliance of your equipment with the regulations in force (JIG or internal regulations). We can also assist you during an audit to provide answers to questions relating to maintenance work on your fleet.

On site or remote commissioning

When you purchase or receive your vehicle at your site, we offer to prepare and commission your new vehicle for its first use with training of your operator by one of our technicians. Depending on your needs, commissioning can be carried out on site or remotely, subject to the support of the local team and their knowledge in the field.


Optimal use of your equipment contributes to its efficiency and to the safety of refuelling. REDS therefore offers recognised training in the knowledge of refuelling, filtration and vehicle maintenance.

Maintenance of stations and depots

Our technicians carry out preventive or corrective maintenance on the stations and depots.