Shell Water Detector (SWD) capsules - box of 80 units


Ref. REDS MRO:PC201-00012

Previous.ref : PC201-00012

Ref.maker : SWD

Le Shell Water Detector permet de détecter rapidement des traces d'eau dans les carburants aviation. Il est composé d'un filtre seringue en capsule muni d'un réactif chimique sensible à l'eau et fixé à une seringue en polypropylène de 5mL

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The Shell Water Detector allows rapid detection of water traces in aviation fuels. It consists of a capsule syringe filter with a water-sensitive chemical reagent attached to a 5mL polypropylene syringe. A fuel sample is taken. If after a few moments a colour change is observed, it means the presence of water and a non-compliant fuel.

Context of use:

  • Detection of water presence during fuel tests

Specificities :

  • Box of 80 capsules (10 tubes of 8 capsules)